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FLAASK, LLC was established by Andrew Lefkowitz, Dr. Ken Alibek, Sean Farmer and Dr. Terence Isakov. Ken is a father of Mary Rose and Sean is a father of Shaya and Benny who were diagnosed with autism many years ago. This website is a dedication to these children who were treated using this method over 10 years ago. Andy, Tev, Sean, and Ken alongside a team of other medical experts have dedicated years to researching the causes of autism and studying the ways for successful treatment. What they found:  


Autism is treatable and could be preventable if an etiotropic approach is used

Through in-depth analysis research and clinical studies, FLAASK has found that infection and inflammation are the major causes of autism. Primarily viral in nature, these infections lead to a cascade of neuroinflammation and immune system disruption resulting in damage to brain cell DNA.

FLAASK has discovered a simple process starting with testing children for specific viruses and signs of inflammation, and placing children on an easy treatment regimen combining an antiviral medication with a selection of OTC ingredients that focus on reducing infections, reducing inflammation and immune system correction.

“We want to share the acquired scientific knowledge that can help parents of every special child diagnosed with ASD.”

Dr. Ken Alibek & Sean Farmer

Our Scientific Founders

Sean Farmer
Ken Alibek

We Understand the Criticism

We know that:

  • We have a small sample size in our studies

  • The majority of our the children who used this protocol were from Ukraine and Kazakhstan

  • We did not have control groups in our studies

  • It may sound like a fantasy that 100% of children have significant improvements

  • You may have heard about dozens of treatments that could help your child, and even tried them, but they did not work

We have found a protocol that works, and we want to help. The clock is ticking. There is a significant fall-off in improvement upon the onset of puberty.

Our Treatment Results

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