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started communicating with others

Date of Birth: 01.03.2013

Date of Treatment: May 1st, 2018

Diagnosis before Treatment: Autism

Diagnosis was determined/established at the age of 3 years

Symptoms at the beginning of treatment:

From the perspective of speech: Lack of dialogue speech (understands the meaning of only learned words)

Communication: Short eye contact, difficulties in social communication (cannot ask for a toy from a child in kindergarten). Difficulty in expressing his feelings (starts to cry and becomes nervous). Inability to perform tasks due to lack of understanding what is wanted from him.

Repetitive behavior: Twists his fingers at the temple (rarely), jumps.

Other: Cries/weeps. Hyperactive: in the time of eating, can stand up several times and jumps on the couch. Rapid fatigue from mental loads. Periodically experiences constipation. Writing skills: hesitantly holds a pen. Performing logical tasks, it is noticeable that he does not understand what is being asked of him.

According to the mother: In the first days after childbirth: mother noticed that he snored in his sleep, doctor said that it was hypoxia. In the first 6 months, the child had a detached look and he was very calm, mother thought that she was resting with the child. When child received vaccination, he smiled and did not cry. This seemed strange that he did not feel pain.

Therapy before the treatment: To this day, completed one course of massages, osteopathy, acupuncture in China-Beijing, as a result the gait become confident and confidently rode his bike and slightly improved understanding. But often began to pull the lower jaw forward, it seemed like the child’s jaw was reduced. Two courses of microcurrent reflex therapy, insignificant amino acid therapy, speech therapy massage in Russia-Samara, resulting in slight improvement in understanding, noticeably less twisting of his fingers and face became clearer. Began to repeat sounds and added the skill to repeat speech in syllables. At the moment, attends speech therapy, defectologist, psychologist, and osteopath. As a result, slight improvement in understanding and it is quite noticeable that the child wants to associate with other children.

Status as of May 1, 2018

Speech: Trying to actively repeat words

Communication: Eye contact has improved, looks longer in the eyes

Status as of June 1, 2018

Speech: Attempts at self-verbal expression, weak but have appeared (for example, tries to explain where grandmother went. Before, this did not happen)

Communication: In social communications, difficulties continue to exist. Minor improvement in eye contact. The difficulty to explain feelings is unchanged.

Repetitive Behavior: Still twists fingers at the temple, and jumps

Other: Anxiety persists, Mental fatigue: unchanged. Constipation: no longer a problem. At the end of May, had a viral respiratory infection, but this time he suffered an easier illness.

Status as of June 29, 2018

Speech: Attempts to talk. Has begun to say things like, “I want juice”. Before, for half a year we tried to teach this with no results.

Communication: Has begun to communicate with teachers (tries to explain what he wants). Eye contact doesn’t continue

Repetitive Behavior: Ritualism declines

Status as of August 1, 2018

Speech: Attempts to say something, but for now there are no endings yet

Communication: In the learning process, has become more restless.

Status as of September 15, 2018

Speech: Attempts to say complete words. Attempts to learn small poems of four verses.

Communication: Improvement in understanding, mindfulness of actions

Status as of October 22, 2018

Speech: Showing improvement. Understanding and verbal response mainly to household instructions. Tries to express himself, says hello as he enters and as he leaves, has begun to ask permission to leave from teachers.  Very quietly, he sometimes does not complete the last letters of words but has showed improvement compared to before.

Communication: Changes in behavior in a positive direction. Tries to follow and complete instructions together with a group of children.

Status as of December 22, 2018

Speech: Speech is constantly evolving

Communication: secludes himself 1-2 times a day

Repetitive Behavior: Still twists his fingers at the temple. Smiles to himself.

Status as of January 16, 2019

Speech: Independently tries to repeat works, but does not pronounce the ending

Communication: Secludes himself 1-2 times a day.

Repetitive Behavior: Still twists his fingers at the temple. Smiles to himself

Status as of May 18, 2019

Speech: Sentences have become longer by one to two words

Communication: Slight changes in understanding

Status as of June 22, 2019

Speech: A few new words have appeared in his vocabulary

Communication: excited reactions to joyful events

Repetitive Behavior: More often than last time, twists fingers at the temple

Status as of August 5, 2019

Speech: Addition of new words

Status as of September 15, 2019

Communication: reduced passivity in behavior

Status as of October 2, 2019

Speech: Asked for money and independently bought water at the store

Communication: Showing feelings towards favorite toy (hugs and communicates with).

Repetitive Behavior: It is noticeable that jumping has decreased, but as usual, during meals he might get up and walk around the room.

Status as of October 31, 2019

Speech: Tries to add prepositions

Communication: Understanding has improved. Tries to come up with plots or games

Status as of November 25, 2019

Speech: Improvement in quality of understanding

Communication: Around outsiders becomes shy/modest but when alone does better. During massages, lies calmly

Status as of December 19, 2019

Speech: Vocabulary increases very slowly. Speaks very quietly, cannot talk loudly. Understanding of speech improving.

Communication: Only plays with brother and sister

Other: Secludes himself once a day

Status as of December 23, 2019

Speech: Vocabulary increasing. Memory is weak, does not remember the first time

Communication: Still remains the unsureness and fear. Shies away from answers

Status as of January 12, 2020

Speech: Improvements in sound perception (repeats intonations)

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