The only incentive that we have is to help as many children as possible because we know what it means to have children with autism. We have found a Protocol that works, and want to help you see the results we've seen in our studies, and in our own children. 

Based on currently available scientific evidence, FLAASK has discovered and implemented effective methods of treatment. 

Our Studies

As of today, we have four studies published, and we are continuing to work on other studies.

In these articles, we describe the blood work results of our patients, which additionally confirms the role of infections, inflammation, and immune aberrations, short-term and long-term results of treatment and provide additional evidence of the prenatal origin of autism 

Studies Supporting Our Approach

Our approach is based on scientific knowledge about the etiology and pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder. 

This collection of scientific papers helped us to understand the disorder and hopefully will help you too.

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