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had only 5 words in her vocabulary

Date of Birth: January 15, 2015

Date of Treatment:

Diagnosis before Treatment: Delayed speech or language development with autistic behavior traits

Pregnancy & Childbirth:

Features of Pregnancy: During pregnancy mother had a cold, there was bronchitis in the second trimester. The child’s development was normal, but mother had low hemoglobin levels (104-102). Child had hypoxia during pregnancy

Childbirth: Childbirth at 37.5 weeks, natural, contractions lasted 18 hours. Prolonged period of waterlessness was 9 hours.

Child at time of birth: Child cried right away, weight 3800g (8.3lbs). Before discharging, hypoxia was not indicated

Child at 1 year of life: restless, intermittent sleep

Up to 1.5 years of life: Child would say “mama, papa, apple” but suddenly changes occurred. It was noticed that deviations began at the age of 1.5years, she did not speak at all and did not follow even simple instructions.

Therapy before beginning treatment: Speech therapist, defectologist, osteopath, classes on the development of fine motor skills.

Symptoms at the beginning of treatment:

From the perspective of speech: 5-6 words in speech. Speaks in a made-up language

Communication: There are difficulties in understanding how to play with other children

Repetitive Behavior: unreasonable laughter

Other: Anxiety, frequent outburst of anger. Hyperactivity. Constipation.

Infections: Rubella-IgG, EBV NA-IgG, CMV- IgG.

Status as of August 4, 2018

Speech: There is a better understanding, has started to follow instructions

Communication: no changes

Repetitive Behavior: no changes

Other: Appeared hysteria and crying, fear of birds outside

Status as of September 16, 2018

Speech: Appeared new sounds and some new words

Communication: no changes

Repetitive Behavior: no changes

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