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made a New Year gift for his mother

Updated: Jul 15, 2019


The boy was nonverbal, had excessive stimming, became aggressive if was not allowed to do what he wanted to, and could not communicate with others. After 6 months of treatment he started to communicate using words, became more responsive to requests and instructions, and enjoys listening to fairy tales.

Initial parameters:

Initial blood tests indicated the presence of rubella and varicella zoster virus (VZV). Blood tests also indicated erythrocytosis (abnormally high red blood cell count) and monocytosis (high number of monocytes).

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

He learned to use the toilet. Learned new words, started playing with his brother. Understands and performs commands such as “do not run”, “do not fight” . His pronunciation has become clearer. Will ask for cartoons to be turned on. He speaks mostly in separate words; has not formed sentences.

Changes after the 5th cycle:

His mother wrote us the email: “I would like to share with you our New Year's miracle !!!!

On 12/30/2018, for the first time my son addressed to me “Mom”; what I felt was certainly the fear of the fact that it’s an accident and the joy of the fact that it would happen again and repeat again and again !!!!

Today is January 3, 2019, and thank God he continues to call “mom”. You can imagine !!! This is our happiness, our New Year miracle! And he calls “mom, and I, of course, sooo quickly react and say “I listen to you [name]”; then he says “let's go” and we go to another room (there is a toy hockey stand) and he says: “hockey” and points to it. He also began to sing a lot of songs.

Of course, I recorded all our successes with all the details in our diary, for further tracking of our success!

Thank you for being with us!”

Changes after the 6th cycle:

He wants to talk now, there are small requests with one word. For example: "swim", "apple", "drink". He visits ABA-therapy and try to go to a regular kindergarten, 2 hours a day is spent there with his brother.

There he sits with the children listening to fairy tales when the teacher reads, sometimes he gets up, but the teacher will tell him to sit down and he listens.

Blood tests after the 6th cycle indicated that there was a reduction of antibodies to rubella virus. Antibodies to VZV were not tested. Red and white blood cell parameters were all within reference ranges.

The child is still continuing treatment. Updates will be added when available.

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