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began communicating with parents

Updated: Jul 9, 2019


Prior to the treatment the child did not speak and did not communicate at all.
By the end of the 5th cycle, the child started speaking very basic words and began communicating with parents via syllables and gestures.


Pregnancy and parturition: Respiratory infection in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Early signs and symptoms: The child was unusually quiet, rarely made any sounds, when he cried, he cried very quietly.

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment: Severe language impairment, absence of speech, only spoke in syllables, severe problems with social communication, misunderstanding of how to play and communicate with other children, reduced spectrum of emotions, preference to be separate from peers, impaired eye contact, mild repetitive and restricted behavior, stereotypical games, reduced sensitivity, frequent gastrointestinal and respiratory tract disorders.

Infections: Detected IgG to EBV, CMV, HSV and Mycoplasma are above reference ranges.

Red and white blood cells (in relation to the reference ranges established in the local diagnostic centers): Erythrocytosis, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, increased RDW, decreased MCV.

Immunity (in relation to the reference ranges established in the local diagnostic centers): Decreased B-lymphocytes count.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

It became possible to communicate with the child through gestures, where before he could not do this. He falls asleep quicker. Started to repeat sounds after parents, and response/reaction to speech has appeared. Reduced excessive focusing and improved eye contact, but ritualism became more pronounced.

Changes after the 4th cycle: During the 4th cycle he had acute bronchitis, but it did not affect his autistic symptoms. Verbality and understanding improved. He now combines syllables into words. No hysterical episodes were observed.

He started playing with his younger brother, began to express emotions and began to answer questions.

After the 5th cycle: Neutrophils and lymphocytes counts are above reference ranges, increased ESD. All immune parameters are within reference ranges. IgG to EBV and CMV slightly decreased, IgG to HSV and Mycoplasma are within reference ranges.


Parents note that the treatment combined with corrective therapies was significantly more efficient, compared to corrective therapy alone and/or other types of treatment that they underwent earlier

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