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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The child was diagnosed at age of 5. At the beginning of the treatment he had language delays, did not communicate and had problems with aggression.
After treatment, he became very calm and friendly, his speaking skills improved and he became more communicative.

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment:

Language delay - the child could not use long sentences, only maximum of 3 words in his vocabulary, used wrong grammar forms in his sentences, had moderate stimming, could not look into people's eyes, did not communicate with anyone, could not answer questions and instead repeated the question, and had severe aggression and tantrums.

Initial blood test results revealed elevated IgG to EBV, rubella virus, CMV, and H. pylori; and thrombocytosis, and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate;

Changes after the 1st cycle:

He's calmed down a bit, where his crying, that used occur 2-3 times a day, disappeared; now he rarely cries. Hyperactivity has decreased slightly. His hyperactivity has slightly decreased, his vocabulary has increased, his eye contact has improved and he has stopped stimming.

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

He no longer displays any aggression. Elements of social communication appeared, and his verbal skills are improving. There is still no self-induced speech, but he has begun to sing songs.

Changes after the 4th cycle:

He's become calmer, and he does not cry at all. He is able to perform simple tasks, and he does everything that his mom asks him to do. He has become more communicative, where he kisses his mother and his relatives. Even at home, he has began to play with his sisters.

His engagement with his speech therapist has gotten better, he's became more relaxed and slow-moving, rather than nervous. His vocabulary has increased, and he has begun to speak on his own. During a wedding, despite there being a lot of people/stimulus, he behaved quite well; even danced with his mom during the event.

Changes after the 5th cycle:

He still is very calm. He was in a theater with his family, and the film they watched was 2 and a half hours; and during the whole time, he didn't have any behavioral problems. For the first time, he made a sentence consisting of four words.

Changes after the 6th cycle:

Speech therapist noticed an improvement of fine motor skills, where before there were problems. His verbal functions continue to improve, and his vocabulary is constantly increasing.

After 6 cycles of treatment, IgG to EBV significantly decreased, IgG to rubella virus increased. IgG to CMV remained on the same level, and H. pylori was eradicated. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate was normalized, thrombocytosis was still present.

The child is still continuing treatment. Updates will be added when available.

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