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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Diagnosis before Treatment: ASD

Diagnosis was determined/established at the age of 3.5 years

Pregnancy: Normal, had viral respiratory infection in the first trimester, in mild form.

Diagnosed. At the time of pregnancy, cervical poly was found.

Childbirth: Natural, water breakage at the time of childbirth, umbilical cord, hypoxia, no immediate sound (crying/screaming), only after mucus was removed did child cry/scream, was of blue color. On the 3rd-4th day: jaundice, passed after a month

Prenatal hypoxia, postpartum asphyxia

Infection: EBV IgG-EBNA, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG

Symptoms at the beginning of treatment:

From the perspective of speech: Incorrectly forming/building sentences and endings. Difficult to answer questions posed, more than often answers in one word

Communication: Eye contact is not stable, no understanding of converted speech. Not active in relation to social communication. Does not understand how to communicate and play with other children. Prefers to be separate from other children.

Repetitive behavior: running from corner to corner (especially after negative experiences). Over focuses on following the established rules.

Other: Fear/cautious of everything new. Fear of noise sources. Selective in food, gag reflex on dairy products. Anxiety if the rules are broken. Very high pain threshold. Sleep problems.

Therapy before the treatment: Psychologist, AVA Therapy, Tomatis therapy, program Fastforward, program aimed at improving phonematic hearing, LFCs, massages, manual therapy, micropolarization. To this day, speech therapist and defectologist (there were no significant improvements as a result of treatment).

Status as of July 13, 2018 (after 1 month of treatment)

Speech: Became better, began to add turns and new phrases. Improved verbal functions, in particular, more complicated sentences, correct pronunciation of phrases, correct conjugation of words in sentences. To the specific question whether this is related to the beginning of therapy, the mothers answer was YES.

Communication: Shows slightly longer eye contact. Shows more interest in games with sister.

Other: At the beginning of the treatment, showed improved sleep and appetite. Appeared new interests in tastes

Status as of July 27, 2018

Speech: Use of phrases has disappeared that he received from cartoons. The ability to answer questions is appearing.

Communication: Eye contact has improved. Slow improvements. Interest in peers has not changed. Improved response/reactions to requests, improvement in understanding the addressed speech.

Repetitive behavior: remains the same

Status as of October 7, 2018

Speech: changes in the positive direction

Communication: positive changes

Repetitive behavior: no changes

Status as of November 14, 2018

Speech: improved pronunciation of individual sounds, words when pronounced have become clearer, speech as a whole has become more literate. Has started to use a few words in sentences, tries to correctly use gender and time. Has begun to use speech in everyday life. Steady phrases that he hears in cartoons or at home, uses them to place, adequately. Before answering, has begun to use along with speech gestures (nods for “yes”, “no”, etc.). Has begun to ask many questions and understands the answers to them.

Communication: Has begun to show more interest to play with kids. During recess, began to approach classmates with the desire to participate in games, but not always successful, more often does not understand the rules of the game. Takes the initiative in games with his sister, wants to watch cartoons together more often. Has begun to yield and react less to the tantrums of his sister. Has begun to better understand explanations. In different situations, it has become easier to negotiate. He responds easier/better to changes in established routine/rules.

Repetitive behavior: Periodically has the activity of repetitive movements (running around the room). Either decreases then increases, a pattern has not yet been established but it is clear that when he is upset, the activity greatly increases and turns to the level of aggressive running with growling.

Status as of February 10, 2019

Speech: pronunciation of words and some letters that previously had no improvement. Speech has become clearer. Proposals have become more complex compared to previously when he often spoke in one or two words.

Communication: Has begun to ask questions, shows interest in the sound of many things. Started to answer in more detail, specifically on the subject of the question. Can explain his needs more specifically, from this has become calmer. Has begun to understand and laugh at jokes. Has become more emotional. Shows interest in communicating with children and became more involved. In his classes, it was noticed that he began to show a desire to answer questions and go up to the board. Began to better detect/understand tasks from the teacher.

Other: Has become less picky about food. Is more likely to try something new or eat something he did not like before. For now, falls asleep in debt.

Obsession with rules: It has become easier to agree on a change in certain rules. What he did not allow before, which caused him to become hysterical, now he can easily agree, or understand the explanation to why it is necessary to change this or that. He can be a little difficult but agrees.

Status as of May 15, 2019

Speech: Conversational speech has expanded; pronunciation of individual sounds has improved. He can log into his Instagram, upload photos, signs, and sometimes comments. For now, with one or a few words. Messages back and forth with family and teachers on “WhatsApp” and leaves voice messages. There is an increase in questions asking “why”.

Status as of May 15, 2019

Speech: Speech has become more detailed and has begun to ask questions to conduct a full-fledged dialog. In general, has begun to build his speech more competently. Began telling untruths (in his own interests).

Others: Improvement in coordination. In general, has become stronger.

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