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was accepted to the regular school

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The girl’s speech was underdeveloped, and while she knew some words she did not speak. She had difficulties understanding addressed speech, had hyperactivity and repetitive behavior, did not differentiate family members and strangers, and tended to hug everyone. The main concern of parents was that they wanted her to be accepted to regular school.
After 9 months of treatment, her speech improved, she started doing math, dancing, participating in all pre-school activities, and finally was accepted to regular school.

Initial blood tests revealed the presence of EBV, rubella virus, CMV, and HSV. As well, the girl had eosinophilia.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

She became more attentive, her ability to understand others has improved, she has learned to express her thoughts, her behavior has improved, and she stopped hugging strangers.

The psychologists who diagnosed her noticed these improvements.

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

More improvements regarding understanding, where in swimming classes she began to follow to the coach’s instructions. Her teacher in preparatory school says that she answers questions, and participates in various school activities: playing musical instruments, dancing, etc. She has stopped getting distracted frequently.

Her vocabulary increased, she expresses her thoughts more clearly, has improved eye contact, understands when said “no” - responds "okay." Previously, she did not want to wear clothes without long sleeves - now wear what she's given calmly.

Changes after the 5th cycle:

Changes for the better have been observed. She plays a lot with other children. She expresses her thought in the appropriate manner, answers to relevant questions, began to behave better, she calls other children if she wants to play with them, and laughs at jokes.

Changes after the 9th cycle:

She cries less when scolded, and on the contrary, she gives kisses and hugs. Her speech has continued to improve, and when she watches cartoons, she's able to repeat phrases after the characters.

The psychologist who had her case from the very beginning said that her condition has improved. Psychologists said that she's able to go to first grade, but would need a tutor. She's able to solve mathematics problems, and whole she might not immediately understand the task, if explained to her in detail, she's able to solve the task.

By this time, the IgG to CMV became withing reference ranges, IgG to EBV and rubella virus slightly increased. Her eosinophil count was within reference ranges.

The child is still continuing treatment. Updates will be added when available.

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