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Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The child had a limited vocabulary, could not play with other children (only active games), had a lot of obsessions, repeated what he wanted until he got it.
The child underwent 2 cycles of treatment and had noticeable improvements, but parents stopped the treatment and 6 months later referred to us again complaining that all the improvements they saw have disappeared. They plan to start the treatment from the beginning soon.

Initial blood tests indicated the presence of rubella, CMV, HSV, and EBV. Blood tests also indicated the presence of neutropenia (abnormally low neutrophil count) and lymphocytosis (high number of lymphocytes).

Changes after the 1st cycle:

During treatment, his appetite decreased, and during the break in treatment, it appeared again.

There was more construction in his speech, where he tried to tell something like “show”, “let's go”. In the evening, he would say his plans for a day: “ we will go there, do this”, etc., and then in the morning he remembers where he wanted to go. Speech has become clearer, and he follows requests to bring items.

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

The child began to show protest (does not want to dress, does not want to go to kindergarten, etc.). He became more active, began to climb, and it became interesting to walk on the curbs, also having interest in climbing the railing.

Aggression to the younger brother has decreased, and he began to have empathy for his younger brother when he falls. Started to try new food, and would spit it out, but earlier he refused to try at all. He began to show emotion (need for the whole family to be together, upset when the father or mother leaves, or even when the guests leave). The sense of time appeared, and if asked to wait, he waits patiently.

Blood tests after the 2nd cycle indicated that there was a reduction of antibodies in all of the viruses, especially EBV, where EBV had a six time reduction in antibodies overall. Neutropenia and lymphocytosis was still present.

When treatment continues, we will post updates when they are available.

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