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began to speak

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Before our treatment, he wasn't able to speak at all, had limited understanding/comprehension skills, problems with communicating with others and had severe restrictive and repetitive behavior.
After treatment, he began to speak on his own, started to understand others, eased out of his repetitive behaviors and began to pay attention to other children around him.

Pregnancy and parturition:

Labor was stimulated and the child was born with hypoxia.

Early signs and symptoms:

The child was very calm, could sit by himself for hours, did not need attention.

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment:

Severe language impairment, absence of speech, understood only very simple speech, misunderstanding of how to communicate with other children, severe restricted and repetitive behavior, hyperactivity, and reduced sensitivity.

Infections: Detected IgG to EBV, CMV, rubella virus, and H. pylori were above reference ranges.

Red and white blood cells (in relation to the reference ranges established in the local diagnostic centers): Neutropenia.

Immunity (in relation to the reference ranges established in the local diagnostic centers): Decreased B-lymphocytes count and T-helpers/T-suppressors ratio, increased NK cells count.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

During the first two weeks, vocal abilities worsened, and he began to take off his underwear and socks (refused to wear them), struggled with bed wetting, repetitive behavior intensified, and his behavior deteriorated.

After two weeks his behavior normalized. Then during these second two weeks ,he said his first word, and then repeated it several times,

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

Several new words, new sounds and new syllables appeared.

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

Began eating new types of food (started to eat almost everything, where before was very selective). He began to repeat vowels he would hear, and began to pay attention to other children; he eats in the kindergarten along with everyone during meal times and does not jump around as he did before; he learned to use the toilet by himself.

Changes after the 5th cycle:

Positive dynamics in understanding, has become more concious of self and how he interacts with the world, began to slowly play with toys (cars), and these sounds appeared: "yes", "no", "ta", "na", "ba", "si", "ma", etc.

Blood and immune parameters did not change. IgG to EBV did not change, IgG to CMV decreased, IgG to rubella virus increased, and IgG to H. pylori were within reference range.


Parents note that the treatment combined with corrective therapies was significantly more efficient, compared to corrective therapy alone and/or other types of treatment that they underwent earlier.

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