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started expressing her needs verbally

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


This girl had limited vocabulary of about 15 words, had pronounced echolalia, and obsessive behavior.
Now she has finished 3 cycles. Her vocabulary increased to about 60 words, and she has started to express what she wants.

Background information:

During the pregnancy, her mother had a respiratory infection. The delivery was stimulated and due to complications, the cesarean section was done. The child was born with asphyxia and hypoxia.

In the first month of life, the girl had weak muscle tone, could sit and play by herself without requiring much attention. When guests visited the family, she would become nervous and cry.

At age of 2.5 parents noticed the symptoms: She did not respond to her name, she was afraid of guests, did not play with other children, didn't talk at all, wasn't able to use the toilet and worse diapers until the age of three. Didn't point at anything around her, "stimmed", could run around in a circle without stopping, and refused to wear new clothes.

Prior to the beginning of the treatment she had the following symptoms:

Significantly reduced vocabulary (15 words), echolalia (could pronounce the same sound in public places for 20 times), could not answer questions, could not play role games with other children, it was not clear for her mother whether she understood what other people said to her or not, did not express her wishes, and if she wanted to use the toilet she wouldn't ask but instead wiggle and dance around.

Some ritualistic behavior she exhibited was: if gameplay was interrupted the child wouldn't react, putting the toys in a row, persisted when she wanted her mother to name a toy, and had limited spectrum of food she ate.

Initial blood test results revealed the presence of EBV and erythrocytosis, monocytosis and lymphocytosis.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

Vocabulary increased from 15 to 40 words, started asking for what was applicable to her needs, and started to try new types of food.

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

Made a three-layer plasticine toy cake, used her hair pins instead of candles. Sung the song "Happy birthday" and then blew out the candles.

She began to dress herself. Before it was too difficult for her, but now she's trying to fasten/unfasten the buttons on her own. She began to draw and paint objects (her favorite being cake). She started playing with soft toys (dog and monkey stuffed animals), and even took the monkey with her for a train ride. For the first time, she ate one dried apricot and two chicken nuggets. There are ten new words in her vocabulary, and built a phrase from using two words (e.g. "no phone").

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

There's been six new words added to her vocabulary. Before when she would have a coloring book, she would just scribble everywhere, but now colors within the lines.

Explains simple things that she wants: to drink, to use the toilet, etc. So far, talks only about her own needs.

This child still continuing treatment. We will provide information when it's made available.

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