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sleeping problem stopped

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment:

The boy had language delays, knew only a couple of words, had an absence of induced speech, severe stimming, duration of eye contact was short, did not understand the addressed speech, could not use the toilet, did not play with toys, did not communicate with other children, and had severe problems with sleep (it took him several hours to fall asleep and after 2-3 hours he woke up again and did not sleep until morning).

Initial blood test results revealed the presence of Mycoplasma, CMV, EBV, and rubella virus. Apart from this, thrombocytosis, erythrocytosis, lymphocytosis, increased RDW, and ESD, decreased MCV, MCH, and MPV were detected.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

During the first several days after the beginning of the treatment, his sleep worsened, and he would start crying for reason no reason, but then these two occurrences disappeared.

There was improvements in behavior, and teachers noticed this. Improved sensory functions, and he started asking for the toilet. Social communication skills started improving, eye contact has become better, and when he wants something leads by the hand and his gaze is expectant and lively. His diet has improved, as began to eat different soups.

After the start of treatment, his muscle tone slightly improved, and began to climb the stairs, where before he could not.

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

His sleep has improved, and he only wakes up when he needs to use the toilet. Also he is able to use the toilet, where before he could not. At his ABA therapy classes he gets A's, quickly completes his course of study, and in general has made a lot of progress.

Understanding of addressed speech has appeared, he began to imitate others, his immune system functioning has improved, and has not gotten sick (he used to constantly be sick).

In the breaks between cycles of Valacyclovir, he would have crying spells.

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

Aggression towards self and others has appeared, where he would beat himself or his mother in terms of protest. The number of sounds that he is able to make has increased, and more words have appeared - he now knows nine words. Sleep is still good, and eye contact has normalized.

Changes after the 4th cycle:

At the ABA-therapy and sensory integration classes, his teachers noted positive changes. He has become much more diligent, he has started responding to his name, started to imitate movements, imitates usage of different objects, and a lot of vocalizations have appeared.

Changes after the 6th cycle:

The child became emotionally unstable, and cries a lot. His sleep problems came back.

These problems came back after the reactivation of the viral infection.

Changes after the 7th cycle:

The issues with emotional instability are gone, and now he does not cry with no reason. Sleep has stabilized again.

After 7 cycles of treatment the level of antibodies to all the detected viruses slightly decreased, Mycoplasma was eradicated. Thrombocytosis, erythrocytosis, increased RDW, and ESD, decreased MCV and MCH were still detected.

The child is still continuing treatment. Updates will be added when available.

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