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said "Mom" for the first time

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


The boy was 3 y.o when the treatment started. He did not speak at all, did not understand the addressed speech, had no communication with other people, had repetitive behavior, and was aggressive.
Now, this boy speaks, goes to kindergarten for neurotypical kids, and communicates with other kids. After the 6th cycle, psychiatrist who initially diagnosed ASD, said, that now he does not have autism, just mild speech delay.

Condition at the time of treatment initiation:

The child did not respond to his name, did not imitate parents, did not understand requests, did not speak (only sounds), did not ask for a toilet, did not hold a spoon, did not drink from a cup, often tiptoed while waving his arms; no chewing reflex (eating rubbed food), repeatedly climbed up and went down the stairs, no fear of danger (when crossing the road), played only with round objects by spinning them, no pointing gesture, was aggressive (would beat other children in playground), refused to go to the educational centers and cried because of it, did not want to stay there without mother, and refused to hold food in hands (even cookies or bread)

The initial blood tests revealed the presence of Mycoplasma, HSV, EBV, rubella virus and CMV. As well, the child had erythrocytosis, monocytosis, lymphocytosis, neutropenia and eleveted erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Changes after the 1st cycle

He began to drive his toy car, while and imitated car sounds (rr-rr) when turning the steering wheel. Previously, just spun the wheels or broke it. He began to eat everything from the common table. He began to show interest in food, before only ate porridge and drank milk. Tried to bite off pieces, but did not chew.

He learned to jump during an early development group where they dance to music, as well as dances around with the other parents/children. Two months ago, when he was in the group, he would just lie on the floor and not want to do anything.

He repeated movements - if his mother would raise her arms, he would too. He stopped hitting his parents and siblings, and stopped waving his hands around like he did before. He still doesn't ask for the toilet.

Changes after the 2nd cycle

He used to wake multiple times during the night, usually to drink milk, but now sleeps without disturbance until the morning. He has learned how to hold a spoon and drinks from a cup, and chews his food. He held cookies/buns in his hands, where before he would refuse to do so. He also began to repeat words that would be said to him.

He began to understand when mother says to wait for her in public places. He waits and does not run away like he did before.

Mother can go to the store with him quietly, he walks next to her.

He's began to acknowledge the world around him, by pointing to the world around him; he would point to dogs and cats on the street when he would see them. He has begun to express positive emotions, like if his parents laugh, he would laugh too.

Changes after the 3rd cycle

For the first time, he said the word "mom".
"He woke me up at night saying mom, and I thought it was a dream. Now he constantly calls me mom"

Repeats the words: "apple", "lemon", "orange", "porridge", "mug", "tea", etc. Wherever he sees numbers, he counts "1, 2, 3", and he pronounces the letter “r” very well. Has completely learned how to use a spoon to eat and now can eat independently and drink from a mug.

Understanding/comprehension isn't hasn't developed yet: he only understands his own needs, and when his mother says something or asks him to do something, he doesn't understand. He still doesn't ask for the toilet, and he chews his food, but not well.

He was sick, but it was much milder than before, without fever or a sore throat.

Changes after the 5th cycle

Psychologists at the corrective therapy center note positive changes, without knowing about the treatment.

Now there are about 50 words in his vocabulary, and he started going to kindergarten with neurotypical children.

Now he can study with a teacher alone, where before he could not stay with anyone without mother.

Changes after the 6th cycle

The psychiatrist said there are no autistic symptoms, only speech delay.

He began to ask questions and give one-word answers to simple questions.

Behavior compared with the start of treatment is completely different, because now he follows instructions that are given to him. He's become interested in the world around him, now asking for names, etc. He no longer participates in repetitive behaviors (before he would line up toy cars in a row over and over again, and now he doesn't). He began to learn rhymes and songs.

He went to the zoo with his family and had a lot of positive emotions. He even called a few animals over and he fed them. He is not aggressive anymore, he is now trying to communicate to other children what he wants from them.

The blood tests after the 6th cycle revealed Mycoplasma was eradicated, IgG to HSV were within reference ranges, the level of IgG to CMV did not change, IgG to rubella was significantly decreased and IgG to EBV slightly increased. White and red blood test showed that only red blood cell and lymphocyte counts were elevated, all other parameters were within reference ranges.

This child is still continuing treatment. We will post updates when the information is available.

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