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became less hysterical

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Before treatment, she was hysterical, did not react or understand addressed speech, and would run away in public.
Afterwards, she calmed down quite a bit, started to react to addressed speech by using her emotions, and was able to sit on a bench for two hours and wait for her mother with no problems.

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment:

The girl was nonverbal, did not understand (or did not react) to the addressed speech, reacted only when offered something that she likes (like ice-cream), had repetitive and obsessive behavior (e.g. put toys in the row), wore the same clothes repeatedly, walked the same routes, could run away in crowded places without fear of becoming lost, was very hysterical, cried and shouted in every situation that she did not like, and did not feel pain she when falls down.

Changes after the 3rd cycle:

Her sleep normalized, and her behavior improved. She obeyed commands easier, and she became less nervous.

Changes after the 6th cycle:

Behavior has greatly improved, has ceased to run away, in public places she behaves calmly, new words appear, but then disappear again. Now about 50 words knows, all are functional.

Changes after the 7th cycle:

She became very calm, and better understood speech. When needed, she verbalizes: "bye", "I want", "I don't want". Behavior has improved dramatically, and was able to spend two hours on the beach with absolutely no problems, where before this was not possible. She still becomes hysterical if her mother leaves for somewhere.

Changes after the 10th cycle:

Her mother wrote: “We finished the 10th course of Valtrex and I wanted to thank you so much! Now I see that I really am able to 100% communicate with my child. While speech has no significant progress (maybe some other biological brain damage?), but I get feedback in the form of emotions of admiration, joy, delight and other positive things :)

"She plays with me, looks into my eyes, and then by the end of the cycle, she seems to be withdrawn into herself again. Initially did not react to her name, but then began to understand and react again.

"She only uses words when it's urgent. For example, she got stuck under the table and clearly said “help”, or when she asks for something from the fridge, she says “open”. Sometimes if she wants, shes able to name the colors from flashcards. She still wears only 2 T-shirts, and refuses to wear others.”

Changes after the 12th cycle:

The parents did a break between the cycles longer than usual - two weeks. During this time, she became hysterical again, also became more aggressive, but she did learn how to use the toilet.

The child is still continuing treatment. Updates will be added when available.

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