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can now express his needs

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Before treatment, he struggled with understanding addressed speech, had a limited ability to speak, and didn't know how to express his needs.
Afterwards, his understanding has improved significantly, he began to speak simple words, and is able to communicate his thoughts and needs.

Pregnancy and parturition:

Pregnancy was complicated, there was the risk of miscarriage, there was the reactivation of cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex infection, and low blood pressure and low hemoglobin levels. The child was born with asphyxia and hypoxia.

After the birth the child had hydrocephalus until the age of 3 months.

Early signs and symptoms:

The child was very quiet until the age of 9 months. After that he became very irritable, cried even when was asleep, and nothing could calm him down.

Signs and symptoms prior to treatment:

Had difficulties understanding addressed speech, could understand only very simple 1-2 words questions and instructions, had limited ability to speak (only knew 1-2 words), replied to questions only “yes” or “no”, was very aggressive, beat parents and other children, could play only very simple active games, bit all objects that he held, had decreased sensitivity, did not feel pain when fell down, and reacted hysterically when plans or daily routines were changed.

The child had chronic EBV and CMV infections and erythrocytosis, lymphocytosis and monocytosis.

Changes after the 1st cycle:

His mother wrote: “Today I noticed that he stopped chewing on the ends of pillowcases, and stopped covering himself with pillows before falling asleep. From infancy he loved to touch, suck, chew the ends of pillowcases. He did not allow me to change the pillowcases, because he cried and insisted to have the same ones. It is already 2 weeks as he does not do this anymore, as I just realized! This is such good progress, thank you so much!”

Changes after the 2nd cycle:

His mother wrote: “The long-awaited speech has appeared, where he can repeats word by using syllables, and with long words, so far only by syllables. Understanding was improved by 100%, where he's able to follows instructions, and show empathy and care. Of course, it happens periodically that his aggression appears and he'll get excited, but we try to prevent it. Sleep has improved a little, but sometimes we administer melatonin. Without the use of melatonin, it is sometimes difficult to lay him to bed, as sleep is still a small problem.

"The range of consumed foods has expanded, as he agrees to try new products, it being possible to persuade him to try them, but many of them he ends up spitting out. He began to eat bananas, nuts, meat, carrots, soups, and cakes. He has learned enough to explain his needs. The lack of vocabulary is compensated by gestures, he's able to maintain eye contact and hold it, and achieves understanding. He can say and show where and what pains he's experiencing, where he will show a finger and says "wah-wah-wah." Says "yes", "no", and now at least you can know exactly what he wants, so the tantrums almost stopped. He played with his brother for almost an hour.”

By this time the IgG to all detected viruses decreased, monocyte count became within reference range. All other elevated blood parameters did not change.

The parents decided to try other types of treatment, so they stopped this regimen.

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