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became interested in the world around him

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


This boy did not speak at all, was not interested in what was around him, did not react when was called and did not communicate with other children.
Now, he has finished 1 cycle. He already has said some words and as his mother put, [he] "became interested in everything around him".

Background information:

During pregnancy, his mother has reactivation of two herpes viruses: herpes simplex virus and cytomegalovirus. The delivery was via the cesarean section according to the doctor's recommendation, and the child was born with hypoxia and jaundice.

In the first year of life he was very quiet and acquired all the skills corresponding to his age.

At age of two the regression occurred: he forgot all words that he new, he became withdrawn, was not interested in any toys, did not concentrate his sight, and always looked like he is somewhere else, not here.

Symptoms prior to the start of treatment:

Lack of understanding, did not speak at all, did not look into the eyes, did not respond to the name, did not play with children, did not follow instructions, did not show body parts when asked, ritualistic behavior (before taking a vitamin, put it on the ground and took it only after this), could look at one thing for several minutes, and weak muscle tone (cannot walk for long, falls down)

Initial blood test results revealed that the child had chronic HSV, EBV, rubella virus and CMV infections. As well, he had lymphocytosis.

Changes after the 1st cycle

He became more active and started to look for different activities for himself. He began to climb and descend stairs on his own, where before he could not.
He has stopped walking on one repeated route, and his walking has improved, where before he was clumsy.
When prompted he will say "bye-bye".
He would be able to count to five, his fingers bending as he counted off each number.
He became interested in different toys, where before he wasn't interested at all. When he played with his airplane toy, he imitated the sound an airplane would sound like; and when asked where the plane toy was, he would bring it to his mother.
In general, the world around him became interesting to him.

By this time the level of IgG to HSV was within reference range, the level of IgG to other viruses did not change. Lymphocytosis was still present.

This child is still continuing treatment. We will update when more information is made available.

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