If your child has not reached puberty, there

is still hope for treating your ASD child.

We believe we have identified the underlying causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and have developed a protocol which should be employed "the sooner the better," but certainly before puberty.


We have worked with more than 500 children over a period of 10 years. Currently, more than 150 children are utilizing the protocol we developed, all of whom have showed signs of:

  • Chronic viral infections

  • Chronic inflammation and immune system aberration

  • Significant improvements of symptoms associated with autism following this protocol

Our Protocol Addresses the Causes of Autism

When you have flu, you don't only treat the symptoms

Instead, you treat the influenza virus infection, which is the cause of the symptoms.


Autistic behavior is just a set of symptoms of the disorder too.

Treatment Cases

More About FLAASK

These protocols do not treat autism, they treat the underlying causes of autism.

The Protocol is based on the irrefutable conclusion that autism is primarily caused by viruses that a child has at birth. The more viruses at birth - the more symptoms and, often the more severe the symptoms. 

This approach provides a world of hope. Because, at least until puberty, these viruses can be addressed with a generic antiviral medication that costs $10 per month and of 5 OTC ingredients, that are well known to address immune and digestive issues that are often present in children with autism, that you can order online in 10 minutes. 

Our research was not designed as a typical clinical study. So we expect to be criticized because of where we did most of our work (Ukraine), the number of participants (about 150 currently using the Protocol), the lack of a control group, the almost fantasy-like results of improvement in 100% of the kids, and for many other reasons.

But we would ask you to keep these facts in mind:

1. We started out by treating a few kids whose parents were frustrated with the fact no treatment was helping their children and after positive results they told their friends. We didn’t advertise. We didn’t have to.

2. Every child currently utilizing the current Protocol has seen improvement. EVERY SINGE ONE—most beginning within as little as 90 days—though some take longer.

3. Scientists have taken note and published 4 of our studies in peer reviewed, scientific journals.

4. We believe so strongly in this approach that we paid for everything ourselves—AND every child was treated for FREE

We are not suggesting that the Protocol is a cure. We are simply stating that every single one of the over 150 children who are currently using it have moved up the spectrum.

Two of our four founders have children with autism, in fact, one of them has two boys on the spectrum. So we know the emotional, financial, marital and physical challenges that this diagnosis brings. We also know firsthand how the approach we are suggesting has helped. We hope you will consider it for your child.

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